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Today in History
Today in History. This day in History with a distinctly Australian Flavour.

Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom. Learn from the experiences of the Great, and the not so....

Funny Bone
Funny Bone. Why not start the day with a laugh!? Good? but clean jokes for all the family.

CORA - The Computer Opertaing on Resource Advantage
C.O.R.A. Converse with the Knowledge Engine, the Computer Operating on Resource Advantage.

Do It Yourself Web Pages
DIY Web Pages. Do It Yourself Web Pages - Secure page design system where Registered Users can update their web sites.

Gizmail. An Anti-spam/Porn/Virus Email reader that has proven itself to be a reliable and efficient method for registered users to access email accounts from around the world.

Thought For Today
Follow the Lord and honour him; obey him and keep his commands; worship him and be faithful to him.
Deuteronomy 13:4 (c) GNB
None of us is a law unto ourselves. We are all answerable to God in the end. Honour Him and he will bless you.
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